July 2, 2022

The Observatory: Sky Remains Cool

“In addition to being a person, every now and again, I move.”

The Observatory: Photo Booth

“We pose together, in many different ways.”

The Observatory: Phone/Cup

“Red cups, white cups, iphones, & group selfies.”

The Observatory: The Way We Are

“We cook, we think, we eat, we drink, your face, and my face and music, and so we

Daily Cartoon: Wednesday, June 8th

“Pretty Confident that I could get this one.”

Daily Cartoon: Thursday, January 11th

“Walking on a dream or how I almost convinced myself to have meaning.”

Daily Cartoon: Friday, January 5th

“The crew came together to show solidarity against wildfires.”


Man looks into a mirror

The colors of the nightfrom the place he stoodRepelled the darkness from the place he was From that view,


The Way We Are

We pose together, in many different ways red cups, white cups iphones and group selfies We cook, We


Caring for Carrots

There are two main types of carrots; whole carrots, and baby carrotsEach of these carrots require a different kind of